Vaccination and Health Recommendation

No specific vaccines are necessary for your trip to Margarita Island. There are no cases of malaria on the Island. We do advise you to get Hepatitis A and B vaccines in case you have not yet had them.

Diarrhea and stomach disorders are very frequent on trips. We advise you to not take any kind of medicine and to consult a specialist if the symptoms last for several days. The symptoms are sometimes the result of a bacterial infection or virus, and may require a specific kind of treatment.

During certain periods of the year, and especially in the rainy season, there are mosquitoes on the island. The best insect repellents are those sold in supermarkets and drugstores, in particular those that are manufactured in Venezuela: e.g. Off, Osi, Avispa etc. Foreign repellents appear to be less effective against local mosquitoes.

Use bottled water to brush your teeth, and never drink water from the tap. The ice in drinks can safely be consumed as it is made using mineral water.

The sun in the Caribbean is very strong. Therefore, avoid being in the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Apply sun block with an adequate SPF factor, and re-apply it regularly. Do not forget to use something to protect your scalp as well.

The temperature can be fresh in the evening, so please bring a light jacket.

It is also advisable to take out health insurance in your country. You can receive treatment in private hospitals in Venezuela and the bill will be covered by your insurance company.

Venezuela health ministery

Phone numbers and useful addresses

Private and public hospitals:

Clinica La Fe: (private hospital, one of the best on the island with a 24-hour emergency service) Avenida Jovito Villalba, Via Pampatar. Telephone number: (0295) 262 27 11

Clinica Juan Griego: (private hospital located to the north of the island): Sector Laguna Honda 2da Transversal, Juan Griego. Telephone number: (0295) 253 62 37

Hospital Luis Ortega: (public hospital in Porlamar with free medical service): Avenida 4 de mayo Porlamar. Telephone number: (0295) 261 15 78


Centro de Especialidades Odontologicas AB: Centro Comercial AB on Avenida Bolivar. Telephone number (0295) 261 15 78


There is a drugstore in Sigo Supermarket in Sambil Mall. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

24-hour drugstores:

Farmatodo and Provemed in Playa El Angel on Avenida Bolivar

Fire Department:

To reach the Fire Department just call 171 or (0295) 264 14 45