Transportation to Coche Island

How to get to Coche Island:

Travel to Coche Island






Coche Island is a few minutes away from Margarita Island. Coche has beautiful beaches with calm sea and white sand. There are several options to go there. The easiest way is going there on a little motor boat called "peñeros" from playa El Yaque. The service is provided by a company called Los Delfines. After arriving at El Yaque, you have to turn left, a few meters from there you will find a sign that says "se hacen viajes a Coche" (Trips to Coche). Trips are not expensive. The boats depart at 8:00 am and return at 3:00 pm. There is parking available. We recommend you take your food and drinks if you travel on your own. We also recommend you bring cash with you.

From La Isleta
(near Porlamar): Every 60 minutes, boats leave from the town La Isleta to San Pedro de Coche, the capital of the island. Be aware that sometimes the return will not happen at the scheduled hour.

Ferry: Conferry, the ferry company, offers a trip from Punta de Piedras to San Pedro de Coche. The trip lasts an hour and you can take your car with you. You will need to reconfirm this option since sometimes the ferry is on maintenance.

Catamaranes del Caribe: Catamaranes del Caribe offers a full day in Coche Island. They have their owns catamarans and depart from Marina del Concorde in Porlamar. In Sambil shopping mall you will find a stand to book your trip.

Sleeping in Coche: Posada Oasis, Coche Paradise Hotel, Sunsol Punta Blanca Hotel.