Taxis and Buses


It is sometimes cheaper and more convenient to get around the island by taxi, rather than renting a car.

The official carriers have white cars with a yellow plate, and they can be easily recognized. There are taxi companies in every shopping center on the island such as Sambil and Rattan Plaza.


Manuel Maqueda from Taxi Luxor (0414)790 50 23



Every taxi company has a fixed fare which can be found on the table stuck to the rear window. If you do not see the table, please ask the driver: Cual es la tarifa a...(place)?

A short ride costs around US$ 0.50

Taxi Cexpre Taxis of Cexpre in Sambil

It is also possible to contact the following taxi companies free of charge:

Luxor Tel: (0295) 263 79 79
Costa Azul Tel: 0416 401 14 98
Cexpre Tel: (0295) 262 45 45
Union Latina Tel: (0295) 263 71 13

In order to make a call from a mobile to a landline it is always necessary to dial 0295 first.

Ask for the fare before getting in the taxi: Cuanto cuesta a ......?

We advise you to take a taxi once the sun has gone down as it is not advisable to walk around at night, and it may even be dangerous.

and buses.....

Bus Back We have gradually been able to put the taxi network on the island in order, but unfortunately, the same we cannot be said about the buses. If you wish to take a bus in Porlamar, you reuquire three things: a little knowledge of  Spanish, change (coins), and a lot of patience.

Despite belonging to the public transport system, buses are private property. This is the reason why they are so personalized and painted different colors. A bus ride costs between 0.10 and 0.30 US$. Because of the lack of cash we recommend to take taxis. 

In order to know where the bus is heading, you need to read what is written in white lettering on the windows of the bus, as you can see in the following picture.

BusThere are bus stops everywhere, but the drivers stop almost every time someone shouts "en la parada por favor" or "por aqui". Therefore, it is perfectly possible that the ride from Porlamar to Playa El Agua might last two hours instead of the 20 minutes it takes by car. You can also stop the bus and get on it by raising your hand from the street. Remember to pay the driver with the exact amount of money.

Most buses leave from Plaza Bolivar in the center of Porlamar and head towards Playa El Agua, the airport, Punta de Piedras, and Juan Griego. You always need to ask where the stops are, as the locations often change.