Sometimes the media publish the news that there is not enough food on Margarita Island. The reality is very different. On Margarita Island the supply is very good. There is always fresh fish, fruits and vegetables of very good quality.

As it is an island, it depends on the transport in Ferry for the supply, for that reason some days like Mondays, the inventories of the supermarkets are low. The best days for shopping are Thursdays in the afternoon and Fridays especially for fruits and vegetables.

Large supermarkets such as Sigo, Rattan and Central Madereinse are located in the commercial area between Pampatar and Porlamar. In Playa el Angel, Avenida Bolívar and in the shopping centers Sambil and Costa Azul. What you can not get in these supermarkets can be found in the smaller stores in the area such as Bonjour and Imagen. In the whole island there are small businesses that sell food and in the street there are many stands of fruits and vegetables.

There is very good meat and delicatessens in Tavares in Pampatar.

The so-called Bodegones and liquor stores also sell food.

There is fresh fish in Pampatar, Tirano, Manzanillo, Juan Griego and La Guardia, always early in the morning.