shopping in Porlamar

POrlamarPorlamar is the largest city on the island and is also a commercial center, which leads many people to believe that Porlamar is the capital of Margarita Island. La Asuncion is actually the capital.

The city has approx. 350,000 inhabitants and was originally established in 1536 as Pueblo de la Mar.
It emerged as a commercial center when foreign traders began buying pearls here in the 19th century.

Porlamar 2The island was declared a free trade zone in the seventies, which is why Porlamar has the most importers.

The city centre is chaotic, dirty, loud and rather run-down.

In recent years, trade has relocated to the lovely shopping malls located towards Pampatar.

Nowadays tourists do their shopping in the Sambil Shopping mall.  Additional large shopping malls are planned for the coming years, all located outside Porlamar.

The best streets in Porlamar, 4 de Mayo and Santiago Marino, do still provide a good range of textiles and brand-name products at low prices.

It is advisable to always keep a careful eye on your valuables and bags in Porlamar.