Punta Arenas (Macanao)

PuntareasPlaya Punta Arenas is perhaps the farthest beach on Margarita Island. It is located on the other side of the island on the Peninsula de Macanao. It takes about 50 minutes to get there from Porlamar. The beach is very long, and it is divided into two sections.

The first section is located near the entrance of the town where you can find several restaurants. The beach has very little swell. 

You can get to the second section by turning right at a small path at the end of the side of the beach. Punta Arenas 2Both sections of the beach are linked, and it is possible to walk from one section to the other along the shore. On the second section of Playa Punta Arenas the waves are quite strong and there are only two restaurants. It is advisable to bring something to eat with you. On public holidays there are a lot of people around as Playa Punta Arenas has become one of the most popular beaches in recent times.

La Peninsula de Macanao is a very nice place to go on an excursion. The climate and the nature there are very different from the rest of the island. The earth is red, and there are a lot of cacti.