Playa Zaragoza

Playa ZaragozaPlaya Zaragoza is also known as "la playa de Pedro Gonzalez",(Playa Gonzalez beach) and is located in the town of the same name on the road from Juan Griego to Manzanillo, or from Puerto Cruz if you are coming from Manzanillo towards Juan Griego.

The beach is quite beautiful, and it is one of the beaches on the island with a promenade. Some of the houses there date from the colonial times, and the architecture is stunning.

There are several restaurants and food stalls, and it is possible to rent awningsPlayaZaragoza Promenade and chairs. The most famous product at Playa Zaragoza is the Pina Colada. Pina Coladas are made with fresh pineapples while you wait. Do not miss out on a chance to taste one. The water is very still, but a little cold. It is very refreshing, especially on hot summer days.