Museum of traditions

Museum of TraditionMuseum of Tradition in Taguantar

The route from the airport to the city of Juan Griego passes Taguantar and the "Pueblos de Margarita" Museum.  The museum is open daily from 09:00 to 16:00. It is a very pretty museum village with several little houses containing exhibits related to the various traditions of Margarita Island, and Venezuela in general. A lovely large hall containing a small restaurant and a souvenir shop is located at the entrance. Entry to the exhibition costs approx. 3 Euro. The first little house contains an exhibition devoted to pearl extraction. After that is a small corner shop containing old packaging and bottles, along with an old cash register and a set of scales. There is also a Museum of Tradition 2tower from which there are excellent views of the museum and the city of Juan Griego. Additional attractions to be visited at the museum include a kitchen dating from the colonial period, a small cinema, a church and a distillery.


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