La Restinga National Park

Restinga National ParkTo get to Laguna de La Restinga National Park, you need to drive west towards Macanao. The park is well signposted and should be easy to find.

At the entrance of the park, there are several stalls where you can buy souvenirs and local jewellry at very reasonable prices. There are also many empanada stands, and a little to the right at the end, there is a corner shop that sells drinks, and postcards. The public toilets are very neat and clean.

Boat in La RestingaYou can choose between a 30-minute boat ride, including a stop on Playa La Restinga beach. This is a very interesting spot as it is  20 kilometers in lenght and connect Margarita Island and the Peninsula de Macanao.Or, you can hire the boat for 1 hour to get the full ride around the swamp.

The prices are fixed. However, it is advisable to ask for information at La Restinga as prices frequently go up depending on the season. In the swamp, the tunnels have been named after romantic expressions like Plaza de Mis Amores (My Lovers' Square), Starfish Canal del Beso (Kissing Tunnel), etc. The captain of the boat will show you starfish, seahorses, and lots of shellfish that can be enjoyed for low prices when you get back to the beach.

Once you have arrived at Playa La Restinga, inform the captain of the boat of the time at which you would like to return. The park closes at 4.30 pm , and the return journey only takes 10 minutes.