Kayaking on the Restinga Lagoon

Kayaking on the Restinga Lagoon

Kayak Margarita IslandA very  different way of exploring the Restinga Lagoon on Margarita Island is through this wonderful tour on Kayaking.  Janine and Alfredo will teach you all about the plant and animal life in this beautiful national park. The kayaks are for one or two persons and before the excursion the staff will teach you how to use them if you do not know how . The equipments are very  safe and new.

The excursion will last around three hours and it includes  the equipment, a snack and beverages without alcohol. It starts from La Restinga beach. If you do not have a vehicle to get there the staff will set up transportation for you.

Kayak Margarita Island 2Janine and Alfredo  film and take beautiful pictures that you can buy at the end of the excursion.  

Contact: kayakmargarita@gmail.com

Telephone: +58 (414) 092.92.78