Juan Griego

Juan GriegoJuan Griego is a small city in the north of the island that, like Porlamar, is also dependent on commerce to support its economy.

There are many shops with very attractive prices in JUan Griego. It is said that the city was named after a shipwrecked Greek man who managed to swim to the coast. The view of the bay is simply just amazing, and very romantic.

Watching the sunset at the Fortin de La Galera fort is one of the highlights of a holiday on Margarita Island. We all have pictures of ourselves sitting on one of its cannons.

Juan Griego At El Fortin de La Galera, children from Juan Griego will offer to tell you the story behind El Fortin for a small tip. The narration is quite fast but very interesting to hear.

Many tourists enjoy eating at one of the restaurants located on the bay so that they can enjoy the last of the sunset. The quality of the meals has declined lately, but you can always have a cold beer or a nice cocktail.