Hiking in the mountains

MountainFor those wanting an alternative to beaches, it is possible to go hiking in the mountains in the town of San Juan.

The starting point is the town of Fuentidueño by the bank of the river just past San Juan. It is not easy to find the road as there are almost no signs. However, taxi drivers can take you to the natural pools of San Juan (las pozas de San Juan),which is the other name for this place.

Hiking on Margarita IslandThere are several guides you can hire to accompany you on your hike up the mountain. We recommend that you hire Senor Antonio as he lives in the area and knows the flora and fauna very well. He also speaks a little bit of different languages like such as English and German.

Up on the mountain, there is a fascinating river in which you can bathe during the rainy season. The water is very clean and fresh. The excursion lasts about three hours. At the end of View of the mountainthe long walk, Senor Antonio will invite hikers to his home to enjoy a nice meal consisting of chicken arepas and local homemade desserts like Dulce de Lechosa (Papaya).

You can contact Senor Antonio  on 0058 414 829 79 87



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