Getting around

In this section, we will offer you information about some of the ways you can get around on the island.

Your final destination is Santiago Marino International Airport on Isla de Margarita (Porlamar). The airport is about a 31-minute drive from the city. 

Aeropuerto Santiago Marino


Porlamar's Airport

There are many different charter flights from Europe to the island. Some of the companies that can provide you information about these flights are: Airtransat (from Canada) and Gol (from Brazil). These airlines fly direct to Porlamar. There is also aflight with Conviasa from Port of Spain Trinidad to Porlamar. The other option is to take a regular flight to Caracas, and then a connecting flight to Margarita with a local airline.

Caracas' Airport is located in Maiquetia, about 35 minutes away from the capital. The airport has two terminals: national, and international. Both terminals are joined by a hall at Gate 11. The flight from Caracas to Porlamar lasts 35 minutes. The last flight to the island during the low season leaves at 7.30 pm. During the high searon flights are sometimes available until very late at night.

Maiquetia  Airport can sometimes be chaotic and stressful. It is possible that someone may approach you to offer you some kind of service or deal. Just say "No, gracias" politely, and carry on towards the National Terminal.

Tickets form Caracas to Porlamar can be bought at the airport, at a travel agency, or on the airline websites: Laser, Aserca, La Venezolana, Avior, Aeropostal, Conviasa, Rutaca,

Unfortunately, departures to Margarita are sometimes dealyed, especially during the high season, and at weekends. There are very few flights on Saturday; We recommend that you plan at least a 3 hour gap between your arrival in Maiquetia and your connecting flight to the island.

In case you have to stay overnight, we recommend that you stay close to the airport in  Hotel Catimar, as they also provide transport to the airport.

Information about busses, ferries, boats, taxis and car rental can be found on the taskbar on the right side of this window.   

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