Ferries and boats


Conferry covers the route Punta de Piedras (Margarita) - Puerto La Cruz - Punta de Piedras and Punta de Piedras - Coche - Punta de Piedras.

The Conferry offices are open Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., and on Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. 

There are two Conferry offices in Porlamar:

Oficina de Conferry

Avenida Terranova Tel: (0295) 263 99 85 / 263 98 78



ConferryModern Conferry office in Avenida Terranova

Provemed Centro Comercial Provemed on Avenida Bolivar Lokal L 10 Urbanización Playa El Angel Tel. (0295) 262 05 92 and (0295) 262 36 97

The old Conferry offices at Rattan Plaza, and on Calle Marcano in Porlamar are not longer in operation. It is possible to book tickets at the ferry terminal in Punta de Piedras. Tel: (0295) 239 82 61

Conferry homepage for upddated information is http://www.conferry.com

Naviarca Ferry and  Gran Cacique Express:

The company Naviarca offers the following routes:

Punta de Piedras - Cumaná - Punta de Piedras

Punta de Piedras - Puerto La Cruz - Punta de Piedras

These ferries do not carry vehicles, and they leave from the Naviarca Terminal in Punta de Piedras.

Terminal de Naviarca
 The Naviarca Terminal in Punta de Piedras


New: Naviarca offers a new ferry that also transports cars from Puerto La Cruz on the mainland to Punta de Piedras on Margarita Island. Prices and timetable can be found on http://www.grancacique.com.ve

Naviarca oficina
The Naviarca office is located on the ground floor of the Edificio Blue Sky building on Avenida Santiago Marino in Porlamar.

Tel: (0295) 264 29 45 / 264 11 60

You can also book online at: http://www.grancacique.com.ve 

For additional updated information, please contact the office of the relevant carrier.

Finally, there is a boat service that departs from Faro de Porlamar, ("Porlamar's Lighthouse", close to Puerto de La Mar,) to Chacopata in the State of Sucre. We do not recommend that you use this service, basic safety measures for travelling at sea are sometimes not enforced.