cocada Margarita IslandOn Margarita Island, there are many coconut palms. The coconut (fruit of this tree) is highly nutritious and healthy. From green coconut, we can get coconut water, which has many nutritional properties and, contrary to popular belief, has very few calories (46 calories per cup). Where can I buy it? On the Island, it is sold on the streets, and particularly on the beaches, in plastic bottles and it should be consumed within 48 hours and kept refrigerated.

The cocada is made with green coconut meat, which is very soft and thin, and coconut water. It is like a coconut milkshake, thick and delicious. Would you like to try it?

cocada Margarita Island 2The ingredients are:

- Green coconut water
- Green coconut meat
- Sugar
- Ice

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender. Some people add a hint of cinnamon. Taste before you put it into the glass, so you have the option to add more sugar or coconut water. Serve it cold into a glass and enjoy it!

cocada Margarita Island 3