Buying fish in el Tirano

Buying fish in el Tirano

On the 31 de Julio avenue, which takes you to the northern beaches on the island, you can buy traditional food of the zone during weekends making it an excellent choice.

Just before playa Parguito, passing by del campo supermarket to the right you will find the entrance to el Tirano beach, where you can buy fresh fish directly from the fisher's boats.

You might need to take some plastic bags with you because they do not have.
Buying Fish Margarita IslandThe small red snappers and the catalan fish have white and firm flesh that make them highly regarded. Also there is a little market where you can buy fresh fish everyday.

The fish is fresh when its gill are bright and dark red, besides it smells to marine water and its eyes are perfectly clear.



Red snapper with white caper sauce. (4 persons)

1 red snapper per person
2 slide onions
3 slides of bacon
olive oil
500 ml milk cream
1 small glass of white wine
salt and pepper


Wash and dry the fish well, add salt and pepper and put in the oven around 20min. Heat oven to 160°C.
Meanwhile fry lightly the bacon in the olive oil, add the onions until they are soft. Add the wine, the cream and the capers. Put salt and pepper.
Serve the sauce on the fish and let it cook 10 more minutes in the oven.
You can serve mashed potatoes and vegetables of the season as dish sides.

Fish market el Tirano Isla Margarita


Fish stall in el Tirano.



There are people who clean the fish if you pay a tip. Fish market el Tirano





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