Margarita Island has a wide variety of outstanding beaches to suit all tastes. The most famous beach is definitely Playa El Agua where most of the hotel, and resorts are located. Nevertheless, there are even more beautiful beaches. We would like to show you a small sample of the most popular beaches among visitors.

Renting a car or hiring a cab is the best way to travel around the whole island. There is information about fees in the section entiteled Transport>Taxis and Busses

Here we will present the beaches clockwise from the airport. There are a lot of little known beaches, such as El Tunal and La Pared on the Peninsula de Macanao.

Most beaches, have chairs and sunshades for rent, along with restaurants and typical food stands. You can also get very close to the shore with your vehicle.

The climate on the island is always sunny and pleasent even during the rainy season. It usually rains in the morning but is suny again by the afternoon. Completely rainy days on the island are rare at any time of the year.

Avoid the sun between 11.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. as the sun is really strong during that period. Wear sun screen with a high SPF.