Assistance at Caracas Maiquetía airport

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Assistance at the Caracas Maiquetía airport:

Mr. Hans Peter Zingg is a Swiss national guide who has lived in Venezuela for many years. He offers assistance at the Caracas airport, as well as hotel reservations near the airport with roundtrip transfers, if you need to spend the night near the airport because of your connections to Margarita Island.

He also organizes:

Tours to Colonia Tovar: it is a tourist place that is one hour from Caracas. It has typical architecture of the German Black Forest. It is a beautiful mountain walk.

Tours around the city of Caracas: Get to know the beautiful city of Caracas. One of the most beautiful cities in South America with a beautiful modern architecture and excellent climate.

Walks to Ávila: visit of the national park in Ávila by cable car.

State Coasts Vargas: Venezuela is a country that has one of the longest coasts in South America, you can visit some beaches while waiting for the departure of your return flight.

Contact information:
Hans Peter Zingg
Tel 0058 414 3228798