Arepas and empanadas

Empanadas Margarita Island

One of the best known foods in Venezuela is the arepa. It is a kind of bread that is made from precooked corn flour: Pan Flour. Due to the recent emigration of Venezuelans, the arepa is also known in the world.

Before the industrialized production of corn flour, arepas were made from cooked and ground corn. These arepas are still in a food stall and are very healthy.

The arepas are eaten with different fillings: fish, meat, chicken, cheese, ham, egg, etc.
On Margarita Island there are many areperas that are places where you sell arepas all day long. The arepas are available in the morning at the Moya brothers' stand on Avenida 31 de Julio, at the Conejeros market or at some empanadas that also sometimes make arepas.

The famous empanadas of the island Margarita are prepared with the same mass of arepas, but add a little wheat flour and sugar and are fried in hot oil.

The empanadas of the island of Margarita are thinner than those of the rest of the country and are more crispy. The most typical are those of dogfish, which is a species of shark prepared with a filling with spices such as sweet pepper. You can not leave Margarita without eating an empanada.

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