Margarita Island offers a wide variety of activities for all ages.

There are several theme parks such as Parque El Agua (water park with water chutes at Playa El Tirano), El Laberinto Tropical (a huge garden with the shape of a labyrinth where you can admire the nature of the island as well as some tropical animals), Diverland (theme park with mechanical rides in Porlamar), Musipan (theme park on the road to Playa el Yaque) created by the Venezuelan comedian El Conde del Guacharo, and Pueblos de Margarita (a kind of  museum located in Juan Griego, where you can learn about the traditions and customs of Margarita).

There are also some museums, such as the Museo Marino in Boca de Rio. It is a small marine museum with a lot of information about aquatic life. Here you can find thousands of different types of shells, along woth ancient fossils. El Museo de Nueva Cadiz in La Asuncion has gathered information about Cubagua Island, formerly known as Nueva Cadiz, one of the first cities on the American Continent.  El Museo Diocesano del Valle is the best place to learn about local peoples faith in La Virgen del Valle (the Virgin of the Valley). And finally, El Museo Casa del General Santiago Mariño shows some of the most common historical aspects of the island during colonial times.

Those who enjoy the benefits of the sea can arrange snorkeling, or scuba diving excursion on Los Frailes (a group of islands north of Margarita), or visit the islands of Coche and Cubagua.

Nature lovers can take a tour in the mountains, arrange a horse ride at Cabatucan in Macanao, or visit La Restinga National Park, where it is possible to take a boat ride to admire the beautiful nature of the mangrove swamps.

People interested in olden times can take a look at Venezuela's history at El Fortin de la Galera in Juan Griego, El Castillo de San Carlos de Borromeo in Pampatar, or El Castillo de Santa Rosa in La Asuncion.

Those who decide to taste different flavors can visit Conejeros Market (on the road from Porlamar to the airport) where you can try delicious arepas, empanadas, and a wide variety of typical local food.

If you enjoy shopping, you can go to several places like Avenida 4 de Mayo, and Avenida Santiago Mariño in Porlamar, Sambil Mall in Pampatar, and Rattan Plaza in Playa El Angel.

If you like exercising and practicing sports, you will find in Playa El Yaque an interesting spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, or may be you could take a walk around Playa La Caracola in the mornings or afternoons to keep yourself fit, or go to Playa Parguito for some proper surfing.

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