Aji margariteño pepper from Margarita

Ají Margariteño

aji margariteño plantThis farming product bears on a size and some unusual characteristics on Margarita Island. It grows in some areas of the Island such as el Valle de Pedro González and Guacuco. It is well known in the rest of Venezuela as ají dulce margariteño.

It is a main ingredient for sofrito, a basic preparation used in Venezuelan cuisine.

In Margarita there are products like the ají dulce jam which is handmade by some chefs, as an example there is the trademark margaji in agua de vaca. Telephone numbers: 0295 417 85 85 y 0416 194 70 73

aji margariteñoAt the gourmet restaurant la Casa de Esther located in Pedro González you can taste delicious dishes with ají dulce such as the pepper filled with dogfish. Telephone numbers: 0416 196 60 52 0412 357 63 22

We recommend you to call for reserving.

Ají dulce jam recipe:

¬- ¼ cup ají dulce chop into small cubes (brunoise)
- ¼ cup sugar
-1 ¾ oz water
-lemon juice

marmelade aji dulceIn a pot add the peppers, the sugar and the water, boil them and cook for 30 minutes or until the liquid becomes syrup. Before finish cooking add the lemon juice for keeping it flexible and preserved.

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