Accommodation on Margarita Island

The island offers a large variety of accommodation options: hotels, inns and apartments.

Nowadays you can find a large amount of pages dedicated to search for accommodation. With Google Maps we can get an idea of where they are located.

In this guide (we are not travel agency and we do not offer packages, flights nor accommodations) we just intend to give some information about the beaches that have hotels nearby:

Playa el Yaque: this beach has the majority of the hotels, inns and tourist apartments of the island. All of them with easy access to the beach. The beach is small, the water is calm (no waves) and warm. Kitesurfing and windsurfing can be are practiced there. Playa el Yaque is close to the airport but far away from the rest of the island. On weekends you will see many visitors.

Playa el Agua: this famous beach is several kilometers long. You will find lots of shade spots. It is an oceanic beach. It also concentrates a significant number of accommodation of all kinds. Almost all are near the beach. There is good communication with the rest of the island by using public transportation. It is 30 minutes away from the commercial center of the island. Most hotels offer beach service.

Playa Puerto Cruz: it is located in the north of the island. The beach is oceanic. There are 2 hotels; Dunes and Punta Playa. It is far from the rest of the island.

Playa Puerto Viejo: This beach is small and the water is a bit cold and pretty calm (not much waves). It is the beach of the Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita. As all the beaches of Margarita are public, it is accessed through the hotel facilities. It is close to Puerto Cruz Beach.

Playa Guacuco: This beach has a gentle wave. Its water is warm and its shore is long. It does not have accommodations directly on the beach. There are many accommodations in the town nearby. You will need to take a bus or a taxi to go to the beach.

Playa el Tirano: It is not one of the most tourist beaches of the island, it is a fisherman's beach. It has 2 hotels: IKIN and Sunsol Isla Caribe.

There are several small beaches in Pampatar. There are no hotels with access to the beach, it is an urban-tourist area.

Porlamar: Porlamar is a large city. There, you will find some beautiful beaches. Hotels with direct access to the beaches are: Bella Vista, Venetur, Windham Concorde.

Isla de Coche: Isla de Coche has several hotels in La Punta beach. All of them have access to the beach. There is an inn, Posada Oasis, which is near another beach that is not recommended for swimmers. However this inn offers transfer to La Punta beach.

Hotels in shopping malls: Shopping malls are not near the beaches. Unik hotel is located in the Parque Costa Azul shopping center. Lidotel Hotel is in Sambil shopping center.

The island of Margarita has more than 80 different beaches and taxis are very economical. It is worth visiting the different beaches. There is a beach for each taste.

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