Margarita Island is a fairly large island. It has a very good offer of hotels, apartments, houses and inns of all categories and prices.

The most populated area with the greatest services is the area between Porlamar and Pampatar. The center of the city of Porlamar is not very beautiful and we advise against it as a place to stay. However, in Porlamar you can find the hotel Bella Vista, one of the most traditional hotels on the island that is worth visiting.

The area of ​​Pampatar and its surroundings as well as Costa Azul are the urban areas with the greatest range of services such as shops, shopping centers, restaurants, nightlife, etc. In Pampatar there is a beach. Pampatar and Playa el Angel are the areas where most of the fashionable restaurants are, some offer some nightlife.

However, the main attraction of Margarita are the tranquility and the beaches. There is not much offer for people who love parties. The nightlife is not very active.

If you like to stay close to the sea Playa El Yaque is the best option, the offer of accommodation is varied and the beach is very beautiful. The only drawback is that it is far from the rest of the island, but you can take taxis to visit the different places and beaches of interest.

Playa el Agua also has a good hotel infrastructure, however, at this time there are not many services in the area.

If you want a few days of tranquility, away from everything, you can go to Coche Island. It is a very calm and safe island.

Have a vehicle on the island in a good option if you want to know the different beaches and places of interest. Most companies that rent cars are at the airport. Taxis are also a good option they are cheap and we are contributing to the economy of the people of the island.

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