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Margarita Island,
Tourist information

Our beautiful island is 30 minutes by plane from the coast of Venezuela. It has 1020 square meters and around 500,000 inhabitants.

The island has a peninsula, the Macanao peninsula, which is linked to the island by a strip in which the Laguna de La Restinga national park is located.

The northeastern part of the island is green and very mountainous, the southeastern and western part and the Macanao peninsula have a drier climate and are more arid.

The temperature does not fluctuate much during the year. It is between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius. There are two rainy seasons during the year from December to February and May and June. Margarita Island is far from the path of hurricanes.

The island of Margarita is one of the most important tourist destinations in Venezuela. National and international tourists enjoy its more than 80 beautiful beaches throughout the year.

On the island there are highly developed urban areas such as Porlamar, Pampatar and Juan Griego and many quiet towns with a rural atmosphere.

The road infrastructure is good and there are public transport services.

On this page we offer you general information about the island.

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Welcome to the pearl of the Caribbean.