safety on Margarita Island

Safety on Margarita Island

In the last few months we have seen an increase of negative news regarding the safety on Margarita Island.

Margarita Island is located in Venezuela, a country in South America. Unfortunately our living conditions are different to those of Europe. The problems of poverty and social injustice are also a part of life in our beloved island.

However, Margarita Island is more secure than other places in Latin America.

If you take the usual security measures to travel within South and Central America, your vacations will become beautiful memories 

Please follow these advices:

Never leave your belongings alone while taking a bath at the beach.

Do not carry expensive objects with you.

While traveling, avoid leaving your money or computers in your suitcase. The airlines do not take responsibility if they get lost.

Avoid taking buses. It is better to take a taxi cab. They are cheaper and can be requested by phone.

If you got robbed, please stay calm and avoid a fight with the thief.

Do not give information to strangers and be discreet when talking on the phone in public.

Please carry a copy of your passport with you and leave the original one at home.

The downtown of Porlamar and Juan Griego are dangerous.

Do not walk on the streets after 7:00PM.

Avoid deserted beaches and streets.

Book your tours in travel agencies.

Carry your backpack in front of you.

Avoid crowed places.

We recommend to book your journey with small tour operators, hotels and inns that will take care of their guests and provide personal attention.

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